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The DAQ Studio has Designed, Developed and Deployed Data Acquisition systems in all sectors both Nationally and Internationally for many years. The product base was established in 1987 to provide complete solutions for the Control and Measurement Market. We specialise in Data Acquisition and Condition Monitoring, both Hardware and Software in all industry sectors, Specialising in Oil & Gas, Process, Automation, Energy, Mining and so on… Measure it, Monitor it, Record it, Relay it, we can supply it

Rugged, Reliable, World Renowned Data Acquisition Systems Designed to your needs



Our Unique Engineering experience is renowned for its commitment to quality and long-term customer satisfaction. We design and develop tailor made and cost-effective solutions for all sectors



We take pride in the quality of our systems and believe our continual research, development, industry prowess and experience puts us above others giving customer confidence and also a smooth, confident support approach from ourselves. Our products are accredited, certified and have Network Rail approval. We provide local manufacture and support giving us a quicker response and delivery period



We listen to the customer to tailor a smooth experience from production to service conveyance for a successful union.



With over 20 years experience in engineering solutions for the technology industry we have evolved with industry to be able to provide modern , future-proof systemss. We know a system is only as good as its electronic specification and the components used to make it, as such we have an excellent understanding of what should go into making a reliable and long lasting system. Ease of use and the ability to change parameters is paramount in the design of our systems.



The DAQ Studio seeks to adorn the industry with stylized, refined design and energy-efficient, user friendly Systems.
Years of user experience and resource enable us to be able to provide systems solely user defined to fit any requirement.

Welcome to The DAQ Studio
Dedicated Data Analysts

The Daq Studio was formed by a team of dedicated and professional electronics and instrumentation engineers with over 40 years collective experience in the designing and development of products for industry and service sector applications.





The Daq Studio is able to offer a direct plug in replacement for the IMP Data Acquisition system


The ALPHA 900 series of Data Acquisition modules provide an economic Data Acquisition front end for Process Control Monitoring, Remote Condition Monitoring or Plant Monitoring of both Digital and Analogue inputs


Trust The DAQ Studio With over 20 years experience we have a legacy of great work behind us, keeping up with the latest technology and best practices we design and manufacture, making your order as adaptable as possible; our customer service team are knowledgeable friendly and helpful

The DAQ Studio

Manufactured to meet the standards required by todays industry. CE compliant to meet EC 89/336 EEC and amending 92/32/EEC directive for EMC conformance and the 73/23/EEC Directive for Low Voltage conformance.Calibrated to meet IP55/NEMA4 standards and covered by a full 3 year warranty against failure of parts used in the construction of the units and their manufacturing quality

The DAQ Studio


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